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Project Detail was designed to be a premier Car Detailing Hub , having Studio’s in Sydney & Melbourne. While not suitable for all customers, we also love to provide advice for those who also love detailing their own vehicles.

Tree Sap 101

Peugeot Hatchback covered in Tree Sap -  Before Shot


Peugeot Hatchback covered in Tree Sap –  Before Shot

Certain areas in Sydney are particularly beautiful with a lot of trees and rich foliage. Particularly Sydney’s North Shore, around Lane Cove and the northern beaches, the gum trees are indeed a nice change from the big city.

However, from a car detailers perspective, cars from these area’s are notorious for being covered in tree sap. Sap can come in a few varieties depending which tree they originated from. For example, Pine trees tend to have a really sticky and semi clear residue. While certain Gum trees, will leave black spots from the leaves like the one in the photo.

Fabrics can be found in cars and accessories such as seats and convertible roof and cleaning them would put most car owners a big question mark on their head. Here at Project Detail, we are going to show you some variations on how to clean, protect and maintain your upholstery.

Cleaning Process

It is important to note that before beginning that knowing about the material you are cleaning is vital. In particular, when we or any detailer begin, assessing whether the material is frayed, damaged or poor quality is important to prevent or reduce potential damage.

The initial process for cleaning any of fabric, involves using compressed air or a powerful blower if available. While not entirely necessary, it allows debris to be dislodged and sit on top of surfaces making the following steps much easier. This is followed by an initial but thorough vacuum. Once the majority of loose debris is removed, do not worry about any particles or debris that may fall as you move seats around or shift the interior, these will be removed in subsequent vacuuming.

Differences between mobile detailing studio and a detail workshop

The team at Project Detail Sydney and Melbourne specialises in mobile detailing before building a specialised detail studio. Previously, Richard ran VIP Car Detailing Sydney and Toby ran Grand Sport Detailing Mobile Car Detailing Melbourne and we are going to lay out the differences, limitations and which service works the best for you.

Snow Foam Pre-Wash on a Ferrari 360 

Snow Foam Pre-Wash on a Ferrari 360

Mobile Car Detailing Pros

Mobile Detailing can be very convenient for customers with a tight schedule and/or customers that require them to use their car almost on a daily basis that they can’t leave their car for few days. The term mobile means, a professional detailer will come to detail your car at your home, office or a specific location where there’s access to power, water and off-street parking without the hassle of bringing your car to a specific workshop and leave it for several days.

Buffing or Paint Correction a New Car

Detail Artist is a dedicated car detailing and automotive customisation studio located in Rydalmere, Sydney. Our sole focus is on the best quality for our clients vehicles. One of the most common questions we receive when it comes to new cars is ‘Paint Correction for a new car? Really?’ or ‘why do you need to buff a new car?’ We’ve put together this article in order to help provide as much information as possible to assist prospective and current new car owners make the right choice.

Bavarian Precision & Engineering

Project Detail was fortunate enough to detail and protect one of the first BMW M2 Coupe’s to be delivered to the country. Painted in beautiful Sapphire Black, the newest M Division car certainly doesn’t disappoint on any level; performance, looks and quality.

Striking BMW M2 in Sapphire Black finished with CS2 Titanium ceramic quartz coating.

Striking BMW M2 in Sapphire Black finished with CS2 Titanium ceramic quartz coating.

Flat Colour Trend

RS6 Avant in Nardo Grey


RS6 Avant in Nardo Grey

Project Detail is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in detailing, automotive restoration and customisation. We wanted to write a quick article on what seemed to be a new trend at the moment, particularly for high end cars.

The Audi RS6 Avant belongs to one of our esteemed clients from Rose Bay, Sydney. We look after this vehicle on the regular basis at our Gladesville Studio.

Cleaning your wheels: The Right Way

Cleaning the wheels is as important as any other part of your car and majority of the car owners tend to neglect them because cleaning them would be quite a nasty job from all the brake dust. Especially on European cars or vehicles with expensive and/or custom wheels.

There are many ways to clean your wheels. Today at Project Detail Studio, we are showing you our way of cleaning them, as part of our 21-Stage Wash and Decontamination.

Detailing Kingdom's Wheel X Wheel Cleaner

Detailing Kingdom’s Wheel X Wheel Cleaner

Types of Wash Mitt

Specialising in Car Detailing , Project Detail Sydney & Melbourne will be covering a series of articles focussing on decontamination and in this post, we focus on car wash mitts.

The reasoning behind this particular post stems from the belief that it is critical that for the vast majority of cases, using a typical sponge is terrible for your paintwork!

Therefore, Project Detail uses and highly recommends using wash mitts and having several spare handy. It is important to note that not all wash mitts are the same, in fact there are several types of wash mitts available on the market today. Ranging from microfibre, microfibre noodles and wool.

A good wash mitt is vital when comes washing a car properly by using a 2-bucket wash method. In combination with the buckets, the mitt greatly reduces fine scratches and swirl marks instilled on your paint. In this article Project Detail, we will guide you through the wash mitt.

Project Detail is Sydney’s only official and authorised Swissvax Applicator. We are excited with our relationship with one of the worlds most prestigious car care brands and feel we both share the same philosophy in simply wanting the best for our clients and their vehicles.

Porsche Cayenne after Swissvax Full Detail, finished with Swissvax Zuffenhausen wax.

Porsche Cayenne after Swissvax Full Detail, finished with Swissvax Zuffenhausen wax.

This Porsche Cayenne, is a regular client of ours from Bondi and wants the very best for their car. Our Swissvax Full Detail, is a comprehensive solution utilising as much of the Swissvax range as possible. For this Cayenne we utilised some of the following Swissvax products:

All shampoos are not the same

Specialising in Car Detailing , Project Detail Sydney & Melbourne will be covering a series of articles focussing on decontamination and in this post, we focus on Car Shampoo.

Choosing the right car shampoo for your car is essential for majority of the car owners. There are thousands of variety of car shampoo on the shelf and choosing the right one for your car might be a difficult task.

There are a few differences between types of car shampoo but they all serve the same purpose: to break down dirt and help clean your car.

Here at Project Detail Studio, we are going to cover the different types of car shampoo that suits the best for your vehicle.

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