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Detailing is often misconstrued and associated with basic services, such as car wash and vacuum, or valet services.

With time, your vehicle can become damaged, as well as losing its lustre and sense of being new. Combined with incorrect washing methods and general neglect, over time, your car will require special attention.

Also, paintwork becomes swirled, scratched, dull and oxidized over time. The leather becomes glossy from body oils and sweat, and fabric becomes brown and stained.

At Sydney’s prestige car detailing, Detail Artist strives to repair and reverse these effects.


We offer correction of paintwork, remove swirls and paint defects for your Sydney’s luxurious cars. Other than that, we can clean leather and condition it to look, feel and smell new again. Additionally, we can clean fabric so that it looks fresh again.

Using only the best range of car detailing products, combined with the most effective and safest techniques, we clean car seats and baby car seats, upholstery, carpet, and car engines of prestige and luxury cars of Sydney. We are affordable and professional premium car detailing company in Sydney who ensures that your car will be fastidiously returned or enhanced to its full glory.

While there are many detailers and car cleaners in Sydney for general car washing and basic detailing work, Detail Artist customer base consists of those who require a higher caliber of dexterity to offer keen attention to the finer details. Our automotive detailing consumes more time, finesse and a higher level of skills to provide extremely gleaming cars.

For luxury car detailing and car washing services, we are your proud partners in Sydney who customize solutions to meet your luxury car detailing requirements.

Pre-sale  Package

Service Duration:Same Day

Exterior:21 Stage Wash Engine Bay Detail

Paintwork:Basic machine polish with Glaze

Interior:Basic Leather & Interior Package

Note:Depending on condition of car, may need more intensive services.


Service Duration:One Day

Exterior:21 Stage Wash

Paintwork:Includes Machine Polish for Enhancement

Interior:Full Leather & Interior Package

Note:A true full detail, this service includes interior, exterior, engine andmachine polishing to enhance the finish.

Interior & Leather Detail

Service Duration:Same Day



Interior:Full Leather & Interior Package

Note:Additional costs for pet hair, hazardous substances like mould, insects or other material may be incurred upon inspection.

Please note that leather that is too worn, delaminated or dye transfer will only have marginal or partial results.


Service Duration:One day

Exterior:21 Stage Wash

Paintwork:Choice of waxes to finish from the Swissvax Range.

Interior:Full Leather & Interior Package

Note:Only uses from the prestigious Swissvax product range.

Surcharges for Paint Correction or additional services.

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