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2017 Holden HSV VE Series 2 Clubsport in Spitfire Green protected with Suntek PPF with a ‘Partial Front’ kit.


Protecting your vehicle with PPF can be costly, especially if you own a larger car and wish to cover whole panels rather then portions.

Detail Artist is a specialist installer for Paint Protection Film, one of the options we offer is a 'Partial Front' kit. This is designed to cover and protect key and the high impact areas at the front of the car most likely to be struck with rocks and debris from driving.

The cost is reasonable since we are only covering the key sections of the car rather then wrapping entire bonnets and front guards which can greatly increase the cost of the overall fitment.

Our PPF kits are tailor designed to each car individually and cut out with a plotter for safe and precise installation. This piece is for the bottom lip of the front bumper. This area is constantly hit with rocks, bugs and debris from regular driving.


One thing we impart to any client is that many PPF installers utilise similar kits or designs but this does not dictate and is only a portion of what goes into a good install. Experience and knowledge of how the material behaves and understanding the limitations of the polyurethane film is very important.

By explaining to clients why there are edges, seams and joins allows the owner the enjoy their car while being realistic on what to expect. Many installers are promising virtually invisible installs and claiming seamless designs can be unrealistic.

Because of the extreme flare on the Commodore’s front guard, covering the front 1/3 is a great way to prevent stone chips without covering the entire panel. The film is wet installed and requires time to dry in order to achieve better clarity and to ensure the edges are properly dry.

PPF stands for ‘Paint Protection Film’ and is made from several complex layers from polyurethane. This film contains a self healing layer, the main core which absorbs the impacts and the glue. Compared to graphene glass coatings the PPF is a much thicker tangible product measuring around 0.2-0.5mm depending on brand and type.

Even with partial fitments, we tuck any possible edges to allow better protection as well as better presentation. Knowing how the film and material behaves is important to achieve the best results.

Our installs are smooth and clean, in combination with the colour and the quality of the film the edge aren’t as visible as many people think.


Unlike graphene glass coatings, PPF lacks the chemical resistance and hydrophobic properties to allow for ease of cleaning. We highly recommend opting to have the PPF treated and coated with our range of graphene glass coatings to provide UV protection, reduce oxidisation and allow the surface to be easily cleaned.

While the PPF is definitely the superior option when it comes to physical impacts, without the coating the surface may become stained and dull overtime.

General cleaning is the same as washing the surface of your car, however refrain from using Carnauba based products as the solvent and oils can soften and dull your PPF overtime. We recommend using a polymer or synthetic sealant to maintain after washing.

Detail Artist carefully removes the badge which allows a cleaner install and removes the possibility of cutting on the paintwork. The front edge is also tucked underneath for the best install possible.


Once the appropriate time has been taken to make sure the edges are dry and sealed down, the PPF is ready for rain and driving. The technology in the film has progressed a lot in recent years, making the films edge along the bonnet hard to spot.

Suntek's PPF is extremely glossy and allows for a great finish.

The car looks simply stunning in the later afternoon light, with the PPF being installed correctly, the car's appearance has reached a new level.

If you would like to consider Paint Protection film for your vehicle, consult with multiple companies before engaging. Feel free to contact Protect Detail for further information by clicking here.

More information regarding our PPF packages can be found here.

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